the world according to william stafford

A poem by William Stafford hangs on the wall near my writing desk.  Letterpress printed on a broadside by the talented team Marquita Green (she linocut the image and is also the most fabulous woodturner) & Joseph Green (a poet in his own right) on one of their vintage printing presses, Stafford’s prescient words are framed by a woods scene and some deer.  I make a habit to read the poem whenever I sit down, and to reflect upon how aptly Marquita and Joe have captured its essence.

A funny thing has happened in the year or so since I put the poem there:  it’s become a kind of baseline by which I write, a place from which to jump off each session, and a reminder to allow my characters to be imperiled, whatever that means for each of them.


Animals full of light

walk through the forest

toward someone aiming a gun

loaded with darkness.


That’s the world:  God

holding still

letting it happen again,

and again and again.


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One thought on “the world according to william stafford

  1. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing it.

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